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You are trapped by media and convenient electronic devices, by lions that cage your soul. You write not from your own mind, speak not from your own heart. I will not be suppressed. I will not be silent. The world, they have held victory far too long for comfort, they have restrained us and held our own tongues against us! Our minds have doors, as do our hearts, but they have been open all this time, and now the scum lines the walls of every facet that makes us. If we do not own our souls, who does? The world, of course. We are a broken society, a defeated generation. We must fight to close our doors on the foolish and the anonymous. The world holds billions like us, all of us just the same. We’re all in the same game, just different levels, dealing with the same hell, just different devils. I will not be suppressed, nor silent because I will not allow myself to be part of a mechanically world machine. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself, if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul without being cautious, careful, realistic, or remembering the limitations of being human. I want to know if you can break free and not be suppressed or silent and find your way back…

This world is forever bound by hatred and superficiality. Why is it that there is so much to seek yet nothing can ever be found? It is so hard to find your way back to the unselfish reality your soul so desperately longs for, yet we can’t hear it screaming. We can’t hear ourselves screaming until it comes to the point where you’re practically dying inside, crumbling to pieces until you waste away to nothing but a figure taking up space and existence. Petty little things like heart breaks and broken trust cannot be bothered with when there is so much more at stake. The question is not how much more, it’s how much you’re willing to do to resolve it. If you’re willing to resolve it. Why let things slide when you clearly have that pinching feeling somewhere inside you urging, “Don’t walk away. Speak.” Why are you afraid to speak? The truth will hurt only those who no longer wish to see reality, not those who have even an ounce of courage that speaks directly to their soul and says, “You need to be true to yourself.” You owe yourself that much. You deserve to live, not just exist.


After a long wait…

Hey guys!

So, after a ridiculously long wait and my friends constantly nagging my sorry carcass non-stop, I’ve finally put up my blog. So would you quit hounding me now? haha. Anyway, my first REAL post will be up soon. For now, I’m just dropping an intro. I hope you guys enjoy reading the stuff and are able to deal with my philosophical outbursts. Hope to get insightful comments from all of you. Don’t forget to check the “About” section up top. Hopefully, I’ll be adding more pages for you guys. Just a heads up, you do not have to register on this site to subscribe to my blog. Just enter your email up where it says Subscribe and you can access this site easily. Just wanted to clear that up. Until then, my Lovelies. 🙂 God bless!