Hi there!

Well, honestly this is where I’m supposed to put up sites and stuff for you guys to see where my stuff is coming from, but a majority of the stuff I say comes from my own half sane, half insane self. 😛 However, if you keep checking back, you just might find something interesting here!

This place is about you. It’s a place where you can question without being criticized. The very first rule of Philosophy is to never make a judgment before putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Feel free to be as open as you wish towards any of my posts. I genuinely want to hear what you all think. Not only will it give me some great insight, but it’ll also allow you to broaden your thoughts and look at the world in a way you may have never seen it before. There’s so much in every corner that we pass by. Take the time to see it, let it sink in, and allow your mind to be free.

With that said, I hope you enjoy being here and reading as much as I’ll enjoy writing! 😀

Toodles! 🙂